Saturday, August 29, 2009

Frock it! - High Tea at Sir Stamford, Circular Quay

Today the birthday girl has organised a girl day out to high tea at Sir Stamford at Circular Quay. This part of the town is normally quiet during the weekend which is totally different during the office hours. It is more relax! :) Although it is quiet, but finding a meter parking is not as easy as I first thought. Finally, found a parking spot... but it costs $6 per hour and limited to 1 hour parking!!! Instead of finding another parking, put the money for 1 hour and change to another one later. The high tea is served at The Dining Room. We have ordered the Traditional High Tea which also comes with a glass of sparkling wine. The tea selection is limited, but then I can easily made my choice! :p Now it's almost time to go back to my car to change to another spot. :( As talked with other girls, I changed my strategy and look for a meter parking on Bridge Street instead. It is also cheaper hourly rate!!! The high tea is served on a three-tiered stand with a plate of curry puffs at the side. The top tier has the scones. The second tier has the sweet petit four and cakes. The bottom tier has the savoury finger sandwiches. I started with the scones. It is so fluffy. Then onto my curry puff. It is quite an ordinary curry puff, nothing special about it. The assorted finger sandwiches which I cant remember them all... but there is roasted vegetables. Finally the desserts, everyone gives a thumb up to the creme burlee. The food is the right balance of sweet and savory. With this ambience and a date out with the girls, make up the rest of the credit. :)


  1. Which one is better? Observatory and this one? All looks yummy

  2. I personally prefer this Sir Stamford one over The Observatory Hotel. This is just my preference.